Cablecast Request

Before submitting a program, you must become a member. All cablecast requests must be accompanied by the following form. The procedure for filling out the form is as follows:

  • Read the agreement on the form below. The full Policies and Procedures are available as a PDF document.
  • Click in each field and fill it out:
  • Program Title: this will appear in our program listing.
  • Program Description: tell us a little more about the program, up to three lines.
  • Program length: the exact length of the program in hours, minutes, and seconds (hh:mm:ss).
  • Dates: enter a first and last show date for time sensitive material, otherwise leave blank.
  • Producer: This is the actual name of the producer of the program. For a bicycled program, enter both the producer and the sponsoring organization.
  • Sponsoring Member: you can't enter anything here; it will be filled in from your signature.
  • Organization: If the program was produced by some organization, rather than by the Producer working for himself, enter the name of the organization.
  • Click in the box labelled "Click to sign" and type your name. A legal electronic signature will be generated for you, or you may draw your signature with your mouse, track ball, trackpad, or other input device.
  • Click "Apply"
  • Enter your own email address.
  • Click on the "Click to eSign" button.
  • A confirmation link will automatically be sent to your own email address.

Almost immediately after you confirm your email address, you'll receivea PDF copy of the form. It will not yet have been approved by staff.

A copy will shortly be sent to the studio forthe studio to sign. You'll receive a copy of that as well. If thathas not arrived when you're ready to go to the studio,please bring your copy with you.

ACAT currently has no fees or dues required for membership or forcablecasting material. Your voluntary tax-deductible donation will helpACAT to succeed.

* For members under 18, we will require the parent or guardian whosigned your membership form to also sign the cablecast request form.We will send it back out to your parent or guardian for their signature.Final approval will not occur until they have signed.