Acton, MA. Board of Selectmen 8/6/18


Board of Selectmen
Monday, August 6, 2018
Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
Francis Faulkner Hearing Room 204
Acton Town Hall

The docushare link for additional material can be found by clicking here
I. Citizens’ Concerns
II. Chairman’s Update / Operational Update
The Chairman will briefly update the Board. The Town Manager will provide a brief
III. Public Hearings and Appointments

1. 7:10 PM Pole Installation, Eversource, 3 Summer Place
2. 7:15 PM Transfer Station and Recycling Facility Fee
IV. Selectmen’s Business

3. Board to Call for a Special Town Election for a Ballot Question
on the Ban of Retail Marijuana
4. OARS Drought Resilience Presentation
5. FY19 Sewer O+M Rates
6. Preliminary Plans for Site Plan Parking Garage for Insulet
Corp (#03/17/17 – 464, 100 Nagog Park Drive)
7. Town Volunteer Application Discussion
8. WRAC Workshop Update

V. Consent Agenda

9. Ride to Defeat ALS, September 23, 2018
10. Adopt Designer Selection Guidelines
11. Site Plan Special Permit #07/26/00-372, Brookside Shops,
Amended Decision, Request for One Time Exception
12. Waiver of Fees, Bridge to Turkey, Recreation Department
13. Committee Appointments, Louis York, Camille Duquet, Paul
Hocknell, Full Members, 53 River Street Master Plan Special

14. Green Communities Grant Funding Request, Municipal
15. Preservation Restriction Agreement for Habitat Project at 43-
45 School Street
16. Meeting Minutes, May 11 and July 16, 2018
17. One Day Alcoholic Beverage License, Sean O’Dell, October
10, 2018, NARA Park
18. Accept Gift, Recreation Department
Board to accept a gift totaling $500.00 from the Steinberg-Lalli
Charitable Foundation to be used for the annual Classical Concert
held on June 21, 2018
19. Accept Gift, Recreation Department
Board to accept a gift totaling $550.00 from Anonymous to be used
toward the annual Classical Concert held on June 21, 2018
20. Request for Construction Within a Public Way
21. Fee Waiver Request, Common Ground, Inc., 446
Massachusetts Avenue, Sewer and Building
22. Request to Dispose of Obsolete Items, Acton Memorial Library

VI. Selectmen Reports

23. Selectmen Reports are now included in the docushare file.

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