Acton Power Choice - Implementation Aug 2017


For more information about Acton Power Choice
visit -
Call - (844) 739 - 9933
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  • Florence Ross August 14, 2017

    Please send me more information. I have not received anything in my mail.

  • Fran Portante August 14, 2017

    My understanding of this program is that all residents will be automatically enrolled unless specifically choosing to opt out.  I am currently under contract with Veridian Solar to purchase electricity from them.  (I also have supplemental solar power through Solar City).  My contract is up in 2018.  I won’t break the contract because I’ll incur a penalty.  However, when the contract is up, I would like to switch over to the provider of choice for the Town.  Will I be able to do that next year?  Will you provide information for doing so?

    Thank you,

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