All Our Pieces Episode 6 March 2018


All Our Pieces Poetry Show #6, March
Theme: Transformations

This month’s poems take us on a variety of observations that nudge
our minds and spirit one notch higher. “All Our Pieces” are always told with music, images, joy and humor, and you also might want to have a tissue at hand!

Poems by Judy Faust
Cambridge Spring
A walk in Cambridge yields one delightful moment.
The Day They Slew Buddha
Listening to the news sparks the teachings of a Master.
Happy Holi Day
While India celebrates their colorful holiday, Judy mourns the loss of her Indian friend.
Quitting Sears (1971)
A young woman’s rant of her society in 1971.
One Of Many
Thoughts about homelessness.
Promised Land
Challenging her friend on his belief systems, Judy examines her own.

Poems by Cathie Bomba
Embracing Silence
Cathie shares a beautiful poem written by her talented daughter Emily.
Snow Colliding With Humans
Cathie’s poem about the snowstorm of 1978, Part II. Can good moments come out of the worst snow storm on the East Coast? Cathie reminds us of them.
True Love
Not what you think! Parental love stretches one’s ability to love.

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