All Our Pieces Episode 7 April 2018


Watch our Spring collection of dramatic readings of original poetry
edited with personal photographs, and soaring music to give you an experience that Cathie Bomba and Judy Faust hopes will entertain you and help you on your own life journey.

Cathie reads

an irristable short poem by our neighbor, Dawn Ramage, called Ah Spring!

CC and The team
Cathie’s experience as the first and only girl on the boy’s track team back in the 1970s. Show this one to your children and grandchildren.

Hawks and Rocks
A metaphor for sorting out your life

Judy Reads:

Easter And Uncle Otek
Judy’s favorite Uncle gave her Jewish family an annual Easter Egg Hunt that eptimized his brand of love.

Tulips For Breakfast
Breakfast in Spring with flowers and a cat can bring a profund moment of gratitude

No Rush
Judy’s eccentric mother’s shifting decisions about what to do with her own body after death is a story with humor, memories, and overdue reflections about death. Caregivers in families will definitely relate! Another poem for laughing so hard you’ll cry.

The Silver Teapot
A timeless gift from a friend mirrors freindship and stretches imagination.

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