All Our Pieces Episode 9 June 2018


Judy Faust goes Solo on this summer’s special. Come on the journey of storytelling via poetry, music, and images. Every poem is a discovery of Self as we look into nature, animals, and the beauty of nature. The last poem is just plain funny! Enjoy!

Greg’s Fortune Cookie
What a seagull taught Greg and Judy

Miracle of the North Country
City dweller observes woman of the North. Published in a poetry journal in Florida.

Stranger in Suburbia
Judy’s younger self strolling in her own foreign land

At Nepoug Reservoir
Finding bits of the soul by observing nature and language

Discovering the first signs of intuition

Walk the Edge
Urging a friend to find courage in life

Larger Than The Ocean
Retroactive visit to a special spot in Maine and realizing it wasn’t about the lover.

The Colobus Monkey
A monkey in a cage at a zoo strikes Judy as a metaphor about humanity.

Florida Jewels
Even a pebble can teach you something about yourself.

Launching of the Sailboats
This poem was published in a Maine poetry journal. Now it’s here with images, sound effects, and Judy’s art to even further enhance the rhythm of this experience in Maine.

Kids And Castles
The trite subject and familiar sight at the seashore reminds Judy of innocence and loss.

Sandwich Thief
Judy’s funny account of how she lost a sandwich to a creature at the beach.

Special thanks to Acton TV, and composer Kevin MacLeod.

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