All Our Pieces, Poetry Show 8, May 2018


Judy Faust uses this show’s solo opportunity to take viewers on a time trip.
What if you could read your thoughts today about the beginning of adult life, first love, the future, and your spiritual awakenings that were stirring up in your twenties? Here’s Judy’s time capsule.
There Lies A Land, 1966
Daisy, 1968
Just Enough, 1969
Epitaph, 1968
What’s It Like At Fifty? 1969
1968, My Aquarian Dance
1968, Good Night Motorcycle Ride
Life’s Pleasure Song, 1969
Loverly, 1970
Waking, 1971
Music Of The Relatives
Of Love and Lilacs, 1991
The show closes with “Why Mother’s Day Comes In May”, 2006.
More time capsules to come! Cathie Bomba is back on the next show.
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