All Our Pieces, TV Poetry Episode 2 Reflections on November


November 28, 2017

All Our Pieces: Poetry Show #2
Reflections On November

Filmed in the Acton TV Access studio, Acton, MA, November 2017
Featuring Cathie Bomba’s best poem ever: The Tree In Me, about how she climbed a tree to talk to God at 4 years old. She reflects on her Native American heritage in Thanksgiving, and in her Fall Poem.

Judy Faust reads Take A Picture, sharing the conflicting emotions of grief when losing her mother last year. Also she shares reactions to the startling elections in November 2016. She writes her thoughts on life, death, and renewal in Nothing Lost. Lastly, to leave everyone on a lighter note, she reads The Maine Reason, about finding a diner on a gray day in Gray, Maine.

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