All Our Pieces TV Poetry Show #4, Jan 2018


This ain’t your average poetry reading! Cathy and Judy love to perform and Judy edits in music and images to keep you entertained and get your brain making deep and delightful connections.

We’re starting the New Year with memories from the worst blizzard, a triumphant surviver of domestic abuse, and Judy’s variety of social commentary, love poem to an apple, sharing unrequited love stories accompanied by sexy, bluesy music, and more! Thank you Kevin McLeod for your music that enhances the experience of our poems. More descriptions below.

Poems by Cathie Bomba
The Bizzard and Me
Cathie tells her story in this poem about the blizzard of 1978, one of the worst snowstorms in New England. Music and historic images augment her memories as a young nursing student braving the storm.
Domestic abuse summed up by Cathie’s own experience and put into a poem.

Poems by Judy Faust
January First Thought
Inspiration for the New Year
Philosophy 100
The Sporting Goods Show in LA
Judy’s social critiques as a young observer.
Love poem to our favorite fruit.
What does frustrated romance have to do with carrot cake?
Use of Darkness
What to do with your dark thoughts
Blue Smoke Dream
A sexy, bluesy heartache
Loving vibes aren’t just for humans.
Come Out
An invitation to be still and feel the power of

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