Board of Selectmen 3/19/18


Board of Selectmen

Monday, March 19, 2018
Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
Francis Faulkner Hearing Room 204
Acton Town Hall

The docushare link for additional material can be found by clicking here
I. Citizens’ Concerns
II. Chairman’s Update / Operational Update
The Chairman will briefly update the Board. The Town Manager will provide a brief
III. Public Hearings and Appointments

1. 7:10 PM Common Ground 40B, 446 Massachusetts Avenue

IV. Selectmen’s Business

2. Acton Cleanup Week, April 21-29, 2018
3. Town Manager Search: Board Authorization for Negotiation of
Agreement With Consultant and Development of
Process/Schedule for Finalist Candidate Screening
4. Article 26, Water Supply Agreement, Great Road

V. Consent Agenda

5. Habitat for Humanity Request for Acton Community Housing
Corporation CPC Funds
6. Request to Dispose of Obsolete Items, Acton Memorial Library
7. Accept Gift, Council on Aging
Board to accept a gift totaling $700.00 from the Friends of the Acton
COA to be used for building furnishings at the Senior Center
8. Accept Gift, Council on Aging
Board to accept a gift of an undisclosed amount from the Edna M. Story
Revocable Trust
9. Committee Appointment, Lucy Kirshner, Associate Member,
Water Resources Advisory Committee

VI. Selectmen Reports

10. Selectmen Reports are now included in the docushare file

Future Agendas
To facilitate scheduling for interested parties, the following items are scheduled for
discussion on future agendas. This is not a complete agenda and is subject to
• April 23, 2018
o Grant of Pole Location, Eversource
o Townwide Sustainability Presentations

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