Flavourful Eats Episode 62 A Persian Meal


July 2018
Host Humsha Naidoo and her guest, Poet and Author Mohsen N Harandi cook up Mohsen’s favorite Persean childhood meal.

Episode 62

Guest Mohsen Harandi
Sponsored by Mohsen
A Persian meal : dill rice, yoghurt

Black-eyed Peas/Raisins Rice

Serves 4-6
1. 30 gram dried dill-weed
2. 400 gram basmati rice
3. 275 grams sun-dried Raisins
4. 425 grams Black-eyed Peas
5. 425 grams potatoes
5. Salt as desired
6. Grape Seed Oil as desired

Instructions: Place rice in a medium size pot and wash and rinse it several times with cold water. Then add sufficient water to have a water level 2 inches above the rice and place it on the stove set at a high heating level, Add a little salt (a tea spoon is sufficient). When the water comes to boiling continue heating the pot for another 3 minutes and then remove the pot from stove, drain the water using a sieve and rinse it with cold water for 5 second. Place the pot back on the stove and pour sufficient amount of oil to create a thin layer of oil at the bottom of the pot. After removing the skin of potatoes, cut them in thin layers of relatively circular shapes (about 3-8 millimeter thick) and place them in the bottom of the pot. Turn on the stove to high for about 1-2 minutes and then turn the heating down to slightly higher than the low level. Use a large rice spatula, gently add a layer of rice, a layer of black-eyed peas, a layer of raisins and a layer of dill weed into the pot and then add a very small amount of salt. Follow these steps until all the rice, raisins and black-eyed peas are in the pot. Then add some oil evenly over the top surface of the rice. Place a towel on top of the pot and close the lid tightly over the towel (paper towel works as well). Leave the pot on relatively low heat for about 25-30 minutes and then serve the food.

Cucumber Yogurt appetizer:

Serves 4-6

1. 400 gram plain yogurt
2. 500 gram cucumber
3. Dill Weed (fresh or dried)
4. Salt

Instruction: Remove cucumbers skin. Grate or cut each cucumber over yogurt into small pieces. Add dill weed as desired and add salt. Mix well and serve

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