Let’s Cook with Cecile Episode 14 - Assorted Brioches


April, 2017

On this class I show how simple it is to make single bites, all stuffed differently. But you may make a loaf and cut toasts out of it, even the famous “brioche based” French toast (which, needless to say, we don’t make in France).

This is not a fat free, gluten free bread. But at least, when making it yourself you have the control of what is in there! Use organic, unbleached bread flour (forget about gluten free here), organic European butter for flavor (Adèle could recognize the brioche smell just out of the raw dough), organic eggs, coconut sugar, 70% bitter chocolate broken into chunks, dried fruits and nuts. With quality ingredients, you have all reasons to feel proud : proud of producing a very good product that won’t add toxicity to your body.



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