All Our Pieces Episode 3 Dec


Date of show: December 2017
Cathy sings Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel
and adds her thoughts on reaching out to others. She is not an experienced singer, but her song and thoughts are straight from her heart.
Cathy reads Angels In the Snow, a beautiful description of making a snow angel that goes way beyond the subject, once again bringing together earth and heaven in her own way.
Judy’s poems in the order of appearance:
First Snow, a simple celebration of snow.
Let Rain. It’s almost a Haiku or love poem, with sound effects.
Contra Dance. A longer poem that brings you right to one of New England’s best kept secrets.
Garden In Winter. Who says there is nothing in the garden this time of year?
Wealth. Very Appropriate for the Trump Era.
Simplicity. What a student can do at the end of a semester.
Go Fetch The Moon. Contemplating the stages of the moon with past lives and past loves.
Cycles Judy hopes this short one brings us closer to each other.

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